Hidden Causes for Headaches

In today’s pill-popping culture, drugs are often considered the first line of defence against headache pain. The problem? These drugs have a proven history of ineffectiveness. In addition, they are loaded with potentially perilous side effects. All-natural alternatives, however — such as the type of chiropractic care provided by your doctor at Chiropractic for Life — offer safe and effective ways to end headache pain. When spinal bones (vertebrae) are misaligned, the result is a common condition known as vertebral subluxation. This, in turn, restricts the movement of nerves and muscles: an underlying cause of headache. Your doctor at Chiropractic...

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Common Causes of Foot Pain

Did you know that the human foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints and hundreds of muscles, nerves and ligaments? Yet its marvellous, complex structure is often taken for granted. Most feet endure hours of punishment every day. Snug shoes, repeated pounding and cramped positions are all in a day’s work. Not surprisingly, pain spreads throughout the foot, including the toes, ball of the foot, arch, instep, sole, heel and ankle. Your doctor at Chiropractic for Life wants to share recent research about common causes of foot pain and how chiropractic can help. Doctors of chiropractic thoroughly investigate the nature...

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The Ideal Solution For Low Back Pain

Many people who suffer from back pain — particularly low-back pain (LBP) — turn to medication to find relief. However, these drugs carry a host of side effects and provide only short-term relief. Fortunately, there is a proven drug free way to alleviate low-back pain and prevent it from recurring: Chiropractic care. Chiropractic is a safe and proven form of therapy for LBP. This revolutionary approach focuses on correcting dysfunctional areas in the spine called vertebral subluxations. Your doctor at Chiropractic for Life removes vertebral subluxations with gentle and effective maneuvers called chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic is one of the most...

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